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The leader of intelligent industry, the creator of intelligent life

The leader of intelligent industry, the creator of intelligent life

Hard arm power assisted manipulator, also known as power assisted arm, manipulator, etc., takes air as the power source and uses the principle of force balance to realize "floating" of the workpiece. The operator only needs to push, pull, lift and pull down easily to put the weight to the designated position

T-type manipulator is an important branch of the manipulator family. It has simple and light structure, and can be easily automated through electrical coordination

High automatic manipulator can walk automatically and complete complex actions

Adjustment tooling is mainly used in automobile surface adjustment assembly line. The operation mode can be manual or automatic. It has the characteristics of high precision.

The rigid mechanical arm is used to replace the manual hand to grasp the tightening gun to complete the tightening operation

The pneumatic balance crane is used as the main machine of the system, and the grasping fixture and track system are used to realize labor-saving operation

T-type transfer machine is generally used for material handling between stations, which can be operated manually or automatically. The structure is light and can realize non-linear load transfer.

Scissor fork transfer machine is an important transport equipment in assembly and welding line. Its movement is controlled by PLC. The lift is controlled by motor and the travel is controllable.

Truss transfer machine can realize automatic control, reprogrammable, multi-functional, multi-purpose operation machine. It can carry workpieces and operate tools to complete various operations.

It has the characteristics of high precision, strong operation stability, good flexibility, small space, and can be used with other systems. It can be equipped with different tooling according to the process needs to meet the diverse production requirements of multi batch and small batch production line in the future. It only needs simple programming and tooling replacement to realize fast switching

Its remarkable characteristic is intellectualization. Equipped with automatic guidance system, it can ensure that the system can automatically travel along the predetermined route without manual guidance, and automatically transport materials from the starting point to the destination.Another feature is flexibility. The travel path can be flexibly changed according to the requirements of storage location and production process. Compared with the traditional conveyor belt and rigid conveyor line, the cost of changing the operation path is very high.Generally, it is equipped with loading and unloading mechanism, which can automatically interface with other material equipment to realize the whole process automation of loading and unloading and handling of goods and materials.

T-type robot is a product independently designed and developed by Shanghai Yongqian, which has won exclusive title and property protection. Its host is T-shaped structure, which adapts to the complex and changeable working environment. The product is easy to operate and widely used. Its fully automatic unmanned transportation technology is easy to access to the manufacturing management system.

The former Shanghai Yongqian after-sales service department was formed by the merger of the manufacturing center engineering management section and the site manager of the project department. After the establishment, the after-sales service department has 60 staff, including 8 construction safety officers and 20 special operation personnel. It is a young team with reasonable structure, capable business, dedication and great development potential.
The after-sales service department has five departments, which are respectively responsible for East China region, North China region, central China region, North China region and Geely special customer sites. Adhering to the service tenet of "safety, efficiency and Agility", it provides customers with a series of services from product installation → debugging → training → after-sales maintenance, etc!
The after-sales service department always adheres to the goal of "improving customer satisfaction". Whenever and wherever the customer calls, the after-sales service personnel will respond to the customer's needs in the fastest time!

Add:777 sizhuan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

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